FBMS: Flexible Bayesian Model Selection and Model Averaging

Implements MJMCMC (mode jumping MCMC) described in Hubin and Storvik (2018) <doi:10.1016/j.csda.2018.05.020> and GMJMCMC (genetically modified MJMCMC) described in Hubin et al. (2021) <doi:10.1613/jair.1.13047> algorithms as well as the subsampling counterpart described in Lachmann et al. (2022) <doi:10.1016/j.ijar.2022.08.018> for flexible Bayesian model selection and model averaging.

Version: 1.0
Depends: R (≥ 3.5.0), fastglm, GenSA, parallel, stats, graphics
Imports: Rcpp
LinkingTo: Rcpp
Suggests: testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, markdown
Published: 2023-12-21
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.FBMS
Author: Jon Lachmann [cre, aut], Aliaksandr Hubin [aut]
Maintainer: Jon Lachmann <jon at lachmann.nu>
License: GPL-2
NeedsCompilation: yes
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