Seminar for Statistics

Ph.D. Theses

List of Ph.D students at the Seminar for Statistics since 2006

Name Title Adviser Year
Dr. Christian Kerkhoff
Statistical Methods to Analyze Climate Model Output Hans-Rudolf Künsch
Christoph Schär
Nicolai Meinshausen
Dr. Patric Müller
L1-Regularization for Non-linear Models
Sara van de Geer
Nicolai Meinshausen
Dr. Diego Colombo
Causal Inference in High-Dimensional Systems
Marloes Maathuis

Peter Bühlmann

Thomas Richardson

Dr. Marco Frei Ensemble Kalman Filtering and Generalizations
Hans-Rudolf Künsch

Reinhard Furrer

Dr. Alain Hauser
Causal Inference from Interventional Data
Peter Bühlmann

Marloes Maathuis

Dr. Fabio Sigrist
Physics Based Dynamic Modeling of Space-Time Data
Hans-Rudolf Künsch
Werner Stahel

Peter Guttorp

Dr. Manuel Koller
Robust Estimation of Linear Mixed Models Peter Bühlmann 2013
Dr. Johannes Lederer
Nonasymptotic Bounds for Empirical Processes and Regression
Sara van de Geer 2012
Dr. Jonas Peters Restricted Structural Equation Models for Causal Inference
Peter Bühlmann 2012
Dr. Sarah Gerster
Protein Inference and Quantification with Statistical Models
Peter Bühlmann 2012
Dr. Philipp A. Rütimann
High-dimensional estimation using graphical models and clustering
Peter Bühlmann 2012
Dr. Daniel J. Stekhoven
Statistical Inference using High-Throughput Data in Systems Biology
Peter Bühlmann
Dr. Bernd Fellinghauer
Understanding Human Functioning and Disability Using Graphical Models Peter Bühlmann
Dr. Jürg Schelldorfer
High-Dimensional Gaussian and Generalized Linear Mixed Models Peter Bühlmann
Dr. Michael Amrein
Monte Carlo simulation for estimating rare event probabilities and parameters in Markov process models
Hans-Rudolf Künsch 2011
Dr. Nicolas Städler
EM-Type Algorithms for Non-Convex and High-Dimensional Problems
Peter Bühlmann
Dr. Charles Moverly Mitchell Oracle inequalities using truncation and cross-validation Sara van de Geer 2010
Dr. Christoph Markus Buser Bayesian statistical methods for the analysis of multi-model climate predictions Hans-Rudolf Künsch 2009
Dr. Corinne Dahinden High-dimensional log-linear model selection with applications in molecular biology Peter Bühlmann 2009
Dr. Patricia Menéndez Galvàn Statistical tools for palaeo data Hans-Rudolf Künsch

joint with Sucharita Ghosh

Dr. Nicoleta-Francisca Gosoniu On model selection in additive regression Hans-Rudolf Künsch joint with Theo Gasser and Burkhardt Seifert
Dr. Markus Kalisch Estimating high-dimensional dependence structures with the PC-algorithm Peter Bühlmann 2008
Dr. Lukas Dieter Meier High-dimensional regression problems with special structure Peter Bühlmann 2008
Dr. Bernadetta Tarigan Fast rates of convergence for adaptive classification Sara van de Geer 2008
Dr. Maik André Berchtold
Modelling of random Porous Media using Minkowski-Functionals Hans-Rudolf Künsch 2007
Dr. Marco E. G. V. Cattaneo
Statistical Decisions Based Directly on the Likelihood Function
Frank Hampel
Dr. Roman Lutz Extensions of L2Boosting and an application of LogitBoost Peter Bühlmann 2006

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