Seminar for Statistics


Beginning of exercises: Monday, 28/02/2011.


The exercises will be held roughly every second week in the lecture room HG E1.2.

Handing in of exercises

The solved exercises can be handed in in the lectures where an assistant will pick them up. Sending them via e-mail (see comment below) or placing them in the corresponding tray in HG J68 until 11.55am of the due date is another option. Please write down your findings and comments. You can support this with a few plots, but please avoid handing in any R-code or an excessive amount of plots.

If you hand in exercises by e-mail, please attach your solutions in PDF format and send them to Alain Hauser. Make sure that the file name of your attached PDF starts with your complete name, e.g. use a file name like "Hans Meier Series 1.pdf".


The exercises, but also the classes will be based on procedures from the freely available, open-source statistical software package R.

Some basic previous knowledge of R is required. If you lack this previous knowledge, do not worry. You can quickly and easily gain it by going over one of the many tutorials which are available. We recommend chapters 1-5 of,
or, going through the entire content of
The classic resource for the basics on R is the manual “An Introduction to R”, which is quite a bit longer and more technical, but a very worthwhile read:

Exercises and solutions

Sheets Discussion
Due date Solutions
Sheet 1 28.02.2011
07.03.2011 Solution 1
Sheet 2 14.03.2011
21.03.2011 Solution 2
Sheet 3
04.04.2011 Solution 3
Sheet 4
18.04.2011 Solution 4
Sheet 5 02.05.2011
09.05.2011 Solution 5
Sheet 6 09.05.2011
16.05.2011 Solution 6
Sheet 7 23.05.2011
26.05.2011 Solution 7

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