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Formal Methods and Classes


Formally defined methods and classes for R objects, plus other programming tools, as described in the references.


This package provides the “S4” or “S version 4” approach to methods and classes in a functional language.

For basic use of the techniques, start with Introduction and follow the links there to the key functions for programming, notably setClass and setMethod.

For detailed discussion, see the documentation entries Classes_Details, Methods_Details, and GenericFunctions for these topics, at a fairly technical level.

For a complete list of functions and classes, use library(help="methods").


R Core Team

Maintainer: R Core Team


Chambers, John M. (2016) Extending R, Chapman & Hall. (Chapters 9 and 10.)

Chambers, John M. (2008) Software for Data Analysis: Programming with R Springer. (Chapter 10 has some additional details.)

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