utf8Conversion {base}R Documentation

Convert to or from UTF-8-encoded Character Vectors


Conversion of UTF-8 encoded character vectors to and from integer vectors.


intToUtf8(x, multiple = FALSE)



object to be converted.


logical: should the conversion be to a single character string or multiple individual characters?


These will work in any locale, including on platforms that do not otherwise support multi-byte character sets.


Unicode defines a name and a number of all of the glyphs it encompasses: the numbers are called code points: they run from 0 to 0x10FFFF.

utf8ToInt converts a length-one character string encoded in UTF-8 to an integer vector of Unicode code points.

intToUtf8 converts a numeric vector of Unicode code points either to a single character string or a character vector of single characters. (For a single character string 0 is silently omitted: otherwise 0 is mapped to "". Non-integral numeric values are truncated to integers.) The Encoding is declared as "UTF-8".

NA inputs are mapped to NA output.


## Not run: 
## will only display in some locales and fonts
intToUtf8(0x03B2L) # Greek beta

## End(Not run)

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